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Practice Areas

01. Commercial Transactions and Contracts

The attorneys at Bernstein Cherney are widely recognized as business strategists, who work closely with clients to craft the most advantageous approach to each business transaction.  We recognize that each situation is unique and requires a thoughtful and through examination of our client’s goals, whether we are addressing the needs of a startup company, an individual, or a well-established business.

Working with individuals, entrepreneurs, small businesses, partnerships, large corporations, and other entities, we collaborate with our clients on strategy, development, and formation to structure business plans that promote our clients’ interests while at the same time guarding against the likelihood of future complications.  From the simplest transaction to complex multi-layered project, our services include preparation of joint venture documents, shareholder agreements, offering documents, and a broad spectrum of financing agreements.

02. Litigation

Clients do not want to become embroiled in lengthy litigations requiring the expenditure of significant legal fees. We approach each matter with this in mind, determined to craft a creative strategy sensitive to each client’s goals and budgetary concerns. Our approach is efficient and direct.  We begin by assessing each potential case, identifying legal issues, and creating a blueprint that gives the client the best opportunity to prevail, while providing a realistic assessment of each case.

We are well-respected as imaginative and strong litigators and negotiators who represent our clients’ interests vigorously, with notable and consistent success. We regularly appear before federal and state courts, across the United States, and do not hesitate to move a case to trial when it is in the best interest of our client.

Where appropriate, we have pursued alternative dispute resolution, through mediation and arbitration, and have represented hundreds of clients before arbitration tribunals. 

Our litigation practice is diverse and includes a wide variety of commercial matters, including contract disputes, real estate problems and partnership disputes, as well as employment and workplace issues.

03. Real Estate

Our background, representing landlords and tenants, purchasers and sellers, contractors, architects, and developers has provided us with a unique perspective on the needs and goals of each party, enabling us to craft transactions successfully on behalf of each client—ranging from the owners of massive residential buildings having a combined 2,500 units, to small Manhattan brownstones, and individual apartment and homeowners. In each instance, we work closely with clients to protect and promote their best interests and obtain successful solutions to problems, large or small.


04. Corporate Counsel

Numerous public and private companies have long relied on our attorneys to serve as their principle legal counsel, provide guidance on legal matters, and strategic advice on a host of issues and transactions.

05. Securities & Arbitration

Bernstein Cherney offers over four decades of experience representing broker-dealers, registered securities representatives and investors on a wide array of matters including broker-dealer formation, regulation and complex securities litigations and arbitrations.

As counsel to investment banks, we are engaged on a broad spectrum of matters, from routine corporate management to regulatory concerns and investigations.

We are widely known as pioneers of securities arbitration—the avenue available to investors who seek to pursue claims based upon unauthorized transactions, unsuitable trading for their accounts, breach of fiduciary duty, improper supervision, mismanagement, fraud and other claims against brokerage firms. Many of those customers have suffered crippling losses. After handling hundreds of these claims, we are uniquely equipped to analyze and assess each customer’s claim and evaluate its merits. Once a case is filed, whether with FINRA or the American Arbitration Association, we identify the potential arbitrators, track their prior decisions, and strategize in order to achieve the best possible result for the client.

While we can never guarantee the outcome, clients can be assured that we will endeavor to present their claims forcefully and with full knowledge of the facts and law.


06. Employment Matters

The firm counsels employers and employees on a broad spectrum of workplace matters, practices, and claims, including employment, separation, and executive compensation agreements; internal employee standards and practices documents; discrimination claims on the basis of gender, age, disability, and LBGTQ status; and Fair Labor Standards Act wage and hour disputes.


07. Civic Commitment


We are deeply committed to civic responsibility. Each year we log hundreds of hours performing pro bono work, providing free legal services for a wide variety of organizations and individuals.

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