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After working at predecessor law firms and serving as counsel to individual companies in their separate practices, and with our combined experience practicing law for more than 50 years, together Debra Cherney and Hartley Bernstein founded Bernstein Cherney LLP, a boutique full-service law firm located in New York City. We represent a diverse group of clients, ranging from individuals to large corporations, on a wide range of matters.


Dedicated to providing best-in-class legal services in an efficient and cost-effective manner, we have counseled our clients on matters large and small, worked to build and maintain durable foundations for their businesses, and protect and promote their interests. We listen carefully to the particular concerns and objectives of each client (many of whom we have represented for decades), in order to thoughtfully provide the most effective advice.


Small but strong, we have faced and prevailed against some of the largest law firms in the world and have gone toe-to-toe with industry regulators and public authorities.

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